Krysties boring thoughts
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2005-01-27 00:29:23 (UTC)

Snow day

Well, thats not an accurate title.. Homeschoolers dont get
snow days. So i woke up, did school, and then we got a
call saying play practice was cancelled.. Because there
was like an inch of snow on the ground. we live in New
England and yet people freak out when it starts to snow.
So i sat around all day and then youth group was
cancelled. My last hope was that the roads would be ok,
and i could go to walmart to replace my watch which
decided after a year to fall apart.. But the roads were
slippery. So now i am home sitting on the computer and no
one is on. My 2 best friends are in Florida, and i am home
waiting to get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow.
Then my dad made me feel guilty about not being able to
drive to play practice tomorrow night because i will still
be drugged from the iv. I offered to have him only bring
me, and i would ask my friend to drive me home, but he is
worried my friend would freak out if the roads were bad..
which is probably true.. Nick hasnt had his license to
long.. And he is a turtle driver. I suppose i was also
when i first got my license.. But after awhile, either you
get more comfortable or you get sick of people passing
you. So I am not able to drive all day tomorrow and all
day Friday. i hate not being able to drive myself places.
Not only do i not get to drive this week, but i also cant
work. Apparently you arent allowed to work the week you
have surgery, and they consider wisdom teeth part of
surgery. So that means no hours, which means no money,
Which means i have darn insurance and gas to pay for, and
i realy dont make that much money, either standing at a
register handing people money, or putting photos through a
machine, or handing out prescriptions or whatever else i
get to do at that wonderful pharmacy. Well, this is a
really long entry, but i guess i am just trying to pass
the time till i can actually get some sleep since i am not
all to excited about my wisdom teeth... Ok., scared
spitless is more like it... I mean thoughts run through my
mind, of waking up in the middle, or not being able to
talk for a few days, or worse, getting cheeks like a
chipmunk and we have our publicity photos for The
Abduction coming up Sunday. Alrighty, i am going to stop
writing in this thing now. Good night

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