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2005-01-27 00:25:11 (UTC)

Jan 26

Today was busy day in the office in the afternoon. I was
responsible for "packets" that people would drop off
regarding a pay increase. I also was able to fax over new
hire forms. Lunch was the best I have had since I have
been working--chicken fried steak. I actually was able to
sit down and enjoy it to! No working lunch today :)

Another cool thing I found out about is from K-State. The
Ag Report (goes out twice a year to all alumni, faculty,
legislators, K-State Research and Extension, staff,
prospective and current students would like to feature me
in an article. They want a picture of me in Washington
and some information about my internship. This should be
very exciting! I asked my boss if I would be able to take
a photo with the new Secretary of Ag...we will see if that

The bad thing about today....
I took 9 shirts to the dry-cleaners yesterday and wanted
to pick them up today. However, when I arrived there this
evening they were unable to find ANY of my shirts. They
said come back tomorrow and hopefully they will have shown
up. If not the lady said she would buy me new shirts
(keep in mind this is a lady originally from another