"Day-z H"
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2005-01-26 23:07:01 (UTC)

"Freezy in 2005" January 26th, 2005

I swear I have to be getting lazier and lazier as often
as I update this thing. Anyways! Let me welcome you to the
start of my life in the year 2005. Please come on into my
mind and have a seat. There is tons of room here...it is
so empty. Lol.

Only 4 more days! I can't believe it will have been 2
years. Freedom and I started going out January 30th, 2003.
I love him so much! I'm so lucky.

Also Jesse, my brother, is turning 20 on the same day. It
is hard to believe everyone is getting older so quick.
Also Tracie's lil girl Jazmyn is gonna be another year
older the day before that.

Shawn moved back into his house now. He took off for
awhile. Now he is with Evey. And their friend Joel is
stayin there...along with David F., which if I was them
would drive me nuts...to many grown adults in one house.
Hardly ever works. But Freedom and I have been going over
there pretty often. Kinda kewl he is getting out of the
house and we are hanging out with people more often.

Well I don't really feel like updating now...just thought
it was time that I should. Now I need some quite time so
could you all please leave my lil mind alone again. It's
starting to hurt having so much in it.

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