The Diary of a Dead Girl..
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2005-01-26 21:32:13 (UTC)


I supose you could say.. I am at a crossroad in my life..
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a straight edger. I've
never done drugs, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't
have causal sex, etc. etc.. Well, I am beginning to think
otherwise.. but for one reason, basically.. Josh told me
that even though he wants to do drugs.. he tries not to
for me.. I've yelled at him so many times for doing it in
the past.. and then yesterday he finally asked me why I
choose not to do drugs.. And I supose this is mainly
because I do not wish to alter my body in a negative way..
And I want to stay as healthy as possible. He told me that
the drugs that he takes could never actually hurt
someone.. and they are not addictive. I trust him.. I
mean, I have, for a while, wanted to atleast try drugs..
to see if I am missing anything.. But I worried about
getting a hold of the wrong thing.. or getting caught. It
doesn't help much when there are drug tests at school. He
told me, after he asked why I never tried them, that he
only wonders because he thinks that it could be something
special to share with each other.. I do agree.. and I
think that if he were to get drugs.. i would trust that he
would get something that couldn't hurt me. The last thing
he ever wants to do in the world is hurt me.. After
discussing this with him, I have realized that I really do
want to try drugs.. but I don't know if it is worth it..
Please.. if there is anyone out there.. any one at all who
cares.. don't be scared to give advice.. I need all the
help I can get.

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