wierd life of a girlinadarkprison
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2005-01-26 20:05:44 (UTC)


Today i woke up at what i could see on my phone was
11.00...then as i started to wake up i felt sick...and then
i was...oh dear!..anyway...went back to bed then got woken
up again by the fucking plumber...grrrr.nevermind he left
and i kinda crawled out of my bed still feeling shit!

spent half the day online chatting to many random people,
then i thought i would tidy my room and make the landing
part of my upstairs bit into like a shit chill out
area...dont look that bad actually..stuck aload of kerrang
cut outs on my walls..had great mum is ok with it
i think...i wanted to get the black paint that i used to
paint my room a few years ago and paint my landing but i
dont think my mum would be ok with that -cries-. oh well.

And at this time i am sat here again doing the same old
thing when i sit as this really shit computer..talking to
random people and cheaking messages. what a sad life!..oh
Craigs ex Nia replied to my feedback i sent to her..was
most surprised but i apreciated out of
things to say..anyway..bye bye.

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