The crazy world of me
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2005-01-26 19:28:25 (UTC)


hey kids!! So everyone knows how i thought i would never
get over ricky. Well, I wouldn't consider myself
completely over him because well i will always love him and
care about him but i am finally getting it in my head that
i dont need him. thats not exactly what i am trying to say
but thats the only way i can think of it. i do miss him a
lot still but i dont feel like i need to talk to him
everyday. Now its like i call him when i get a chance. i
dont really stress out over it. i do care if we talk
because i would him to remain at least a friend. I guess i
am still really bitter about the whole thing sometimes.
Sometimes I think to myself i hope one day he realizes what
he lost when its to late to change things. A part of me
wants him to feel the way i did. I do want him to be
happy though too. does all that make sense? well i have
to finish getting ready for work i thought i would drop a
few lines though. bye kids

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