Lala's Log
2005-01-26 17:17:28 (UTC)

Well lets see...

Okay well my mind is sort of out there. My head cold is
getting better but my nose feels like crap from allthe
wiping that my left nostril is chapped. Very attractive I
must say...anyways I went to work came back and am delaying
going to my second job. I'm only getting34 hours from my
fast food job which sucks I used to get 40 plus no problem
but business is slow and at the daycare everyone gets sent
home early but me because I'm a closer that goodness!! So
the 60 hour work week is only like 50 which just sucks so
bad I really need the money!! POOR be they name!! Besides
that everything is cool I still am enjoying both my jobs
and the people but at the daycare most the kids are sick so
its getting boring just me and two infants :( It was so
werid today. I was working in drive threw like I usually do
and I swear every other customer was a lesbian I even asked
the (staight) girl in the back and she said she noticed the
same thing. She laughed and said they where having a
meeting of lesbian life without me. Its werid how happy at
work I've been. People are actually asking me to calm down!
I'm freaken bouncing off the walls and I don't know why.
There is this girl name Jay that is falling for me and I
don't want her to. I'm not ready for a serious relationship
and she says she understands that but I don't think she
really does and I don't want to hurt her. She is bi-polar
and on meds and just had a hosipital stay and the last
thing I want to do is cause her more pain Ya Know!! Anyways
I really should take a shower even though I want to take a

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