My lil life!
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2005-01-26 16:52:08 (UTC)

Jan26 she cant make it

Dear Diary,

Keeps getting as dry as ever, nothing interesting seems to
be happening. Well I guess I cant expect something to happen
all the time.

I was just learnt from “honey” that she won’t be able to
come early to manila. So we can’t hang out damm… and I was
really looking forward to that.

Well I was reading some guys work so I just tot I’d post it

OK...I AM going to BITCH TODAY...909090

and i also came up with conclusion today...The reason
dudes in bands get laid a lot, is because they have lots
of confidence...they have to in order to be able to get up
on stage and perform. This bitching is partly to myself
too.. OK, people go around saying...OH i can't meet girls
for X amount of reason..OK, when you see yourself saying
that...think this..MAN WHY am I making all these sorry ass
excuses?? If you weren't in my position, death of family
member or recent break up with a long time gf, or anything
like that...You should have no reason to BITCH.
Sure...they are times you don't want one..OK, but then
don't bitch or make excuses. I hear way too many people,
particularly my friends, make SORRY ASS excuses, while
they want a gf. Just go for it...Go talk to her!!! If
she doesn't like you...then BLAH..she has bad taste. More
girls in the world then guys..remember that..I was
watching "the beautiful mind" today on ABC. There was a
scene where a girl was kind of hinting on she wanted JOhn
Nash to come and talk to her. The said..the great john
nash said...something like this.."the odds of me
successing increases everytime i try" EVEn in math works..I was does. Everytime I
make a bad excuse, after i get shot down and feel down,
which probably not, but if i ever do..i will come read
this post...This post was probably mostly for myself. I
think the most important thing about accomplishing
something..DON't Compare your status with someone else.
What i mean by that is, for example..LIke my pimp master
friend..who i will see no longer, since he graduated =(,
gets ass all the time. Just know where you are, and what
u need to do, don't compare yourself to others. Like same
thing in working out...GO at your own pace, dont try to
compare yourself to others. Know what level you're at and
try to improve from there...One of the most important
thing i think in life..wait..I could come up with another
saying... Whatever you do, go at your own pace, and don't
try to compare yourself to others, and just try to improve
from where you are at. HOLY ShiT, that's three saying in
three days...hell ya...hahahahahahahaha. “