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2005-01-26 10:32:13 (UTC)

Free Lessons

Today, I have two free lessons, it is because Mrs So is
absented. I can have 1 hour and 10 minutes to read and
study, I think I like the feelings during that 1 hour and
10 minutes...
Now I just want to said that I miss my ex-classmates, I
always think, except our 1A girls, F.1 girls will not miss
their primary friends, because most of them are studying in
their school now... I miss a lot of them, for example,
Janice, Leung Ching Fong, Victoria, Katy, Queenie, Vicky,
Emmy, Hidi, Johnathan etc......I really miss them~
And I miss my teachers too~Miss Hung, Miss Lam, Miss Lai
(Two of them...), Miss Yip, a lot and a lot~~
Now I have still contact with some of them!
And now there are a lot of subjects, I need to spend a
lot of time to study, doing homework or doing a lot of
things, now in secondary section, I meet a lot of good
friends too, such as Alison, Alice, Cornelia, Agnes Lee,
Sian, Winifred, Kitty, Cindy, Grace, Kirsten, Vanessa,
Cola, Minnie, Toeby and a lot a lot~
And my class teacher-Mrs So, is kind too!Of course Miss
Bonnie Chau is super kind and humourous, I like her very
much! And the social worker, Mrs Ng, she is kind and
patient, me and Alison will always find her, talking about
Alison, I don't know why she knows a lot of things about
me, almost everyday, we will eat lunch together outside,
and recess we will run to the canteen and buy food, we have
a lot of things the same, this is said by Mrs Ng, we like
eating, her name is Alison Yeung, so it is ay, my name is
Agnes Yu, so it is ay too!Her name is Yeung Sen, my name is
Yu Shun Kwan, so she is ys, I am ysk, the first two letter
is the same, and we both like playing and still have a lot
but now I need to eat so I don't talk la~