2005-01-26 06:30:48 (UTC)


If it were possible I would look to the centre of the sun
forever. I’m at the beach in my car, just south of the
Boat Harbour. The sun, it commands the clouds. It seems as
though they are all peering at its next move; being
instructed by it. If I had existed a few thousand years
ago I would surely be worshipping the sun as do these
clouds. I feel at home and free now. The Western horizon
is too vast and clean, you cannot resist the thought of
separating from the continent and drift to where the body
is free from restraints. You’re always attached to
something, always a concern or a time where thoughts like
these end. But out there I can’t see those things. I’m
sure I’ll get there someday. I know these attachments, and
concerns, and loss of thought are temporary. Christ is
there, but am I worthy to drift with them? The clouds are
finished now. 7:28pm. For now I can only see them. I’m
happy to do that much.

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