2005-01-26 06:21:45 (UTC)


Wow what an amazing day! I went to to see my probation
officer today and it was awsome. I will be on informal
probation in May, that means I won't have to see my P.O.
anymore. Then he schedules my next appointment in March.
He said that the monthly thing is over. Then to top that
off, he didn't even drug test me! Now I am clean but that
is a lot of trust. He told me that he has seen a complete
180 in my attitude! Just 1 year ago I was on the run cause
I failed a drug test! What a difference a year makes huh!
Not to mention sobrity. My life is really starting to move
forward. Before you know it I will be off all of these
stupid probations. I mean since I went legit they aren't a
big deal but I hate prop 36 and paying all this money to it
and going to all of these classes. Oh well, I am almost
done, well I am getting closer to the end every day!