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2005-01-26 05:06:28 (UTC)


I feel my world is upside now.
I have the biggest lot of emotions that i can ever imagine
and lately i felt pretty good cos i told, U is gone and
my parents have come through the shock ,disbelief or
whatever stage, to know where they are saying they want me
to see someone each week for awhile to talk.

Things have ben really tough.They said they were going for
guardianship of Josh cos of things i do, like cut mostly i
guess. They kept saying it wasnt permane t, but till when i
get my head together.

sO SUDDENLY, now they are saying they wont apply, if i will
stay comitted to see some therpaist each week.

This is easy i reclkon. I dont have anything to talk
about.Im not talking about the rape, and im not talking
about who U is, but i will talk about other things if i
have to. I DOnt want to talk about the above because i get
to upset and then i get angry.

I went to a todat and i tell ya, that bella is the biggest
liar around. I am so so so so angry, i could have punched
the computer screen. I know she is full of bullshit cos im
in australia and know she is full of shit about her dead
sister who is 15 and did the HSC????? To be 15 and do the
HSC you would be in the special list, and no one from that
state was. Now she is dead.?? LMAO.... yea right. Jewish
girl dead and funeral is a week later??? Funeral full of
kids from her school, 5000??? Oh yea...... funny how there
is no recodr anywhere.

I hate bullshitters and i hate her, because other people
that ned to talk like H and HC and even me, get overlooked.

Im in a bad mood and i feel like cutting now.
Im angry at B and angry at the other bu.