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2005-01-26 04:58:08 (UTC)

I m trying to figure out why I..

I'm trying to figure out why I watch and read these
totally sappy movies and novals. I know none of it is
true, and like hell any real guy would act like that. And
no matter how much deep down you want him to turn around
one day and realise that your the one he wants, and that
no one else will ever compare to you. Its a fantasy.
Because no matter how hard you try to him you are
invisable. Just as he is unknown to you. The world is so
big and there is supposed to be one person for each of
us. If that is true where is he? Have I met him, do I
know him, have we passed on the street? Why do I feel
like I am destind to be alone forever. To never really
know what it feels like to be truly loved by another. To
have the love you feel returned. Or maybe love is a bunch
of bullshit created to make us feel like crap 90% of the
time. To knock us down a peg or two. An illusion that
causes your insides to knot up believing that you will
never find that thing called love.

thats all for now