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2005-01-26 04:51:39 (UTC)

God is that you. . .. ?

OK so I was at work today and I started thinking about
atheism. Now I know very little about this, as I am a
christian. But I started thinking. How do I know there is a
God? All I know is what I've been taught, what's been told
to me for my entire life. But where is the evidence to me? I
mean sure there are the little things, like the beginning of
babies and seeds. But I mean that could most likely be
explained scientifically some day. Miracles?. . .just little
amazing things that happen. Who's to say that there is some
spiritual diety behind it all?

Anyway, I dunno I'm not sure, but I don't really want to
like email my youth director and be like "Hey melissa how
are things? By the way I've been thinking about atheism and
the existence of a God." I mean, that's just not very. .
.mmmm. . tactful? Plus my dad would kill me, he's already
mad that I hate America. . .well not America. . .but the
people who are running right now. You should have heard the
hissy fit he threw, ugh. . .total Republican in denial.
*rolls eyes*

Boys, ugh. I dunno. Things are going well and not so much at
the same time. Cole accepted my facebook friend invite, Brad
still isn't talking to me and I chickened out at sitting ny
him today. John Willis is not sure he can get off that week
in March anymore, bc it is St. Patty's day, and of course in
Ireland there are a ton of people who want that off. John
Fireman is pretty cool, I really like him, but it doesn't
look like there will be anything becoming of it,he doesn't
want a girlfriend right now.

As for school, it's going well. I still need to start
mustering up the energy to go to the lectures that don't
have any boys in them.

Oh and BTW, I guess I'm a nympho. A virgin nympho, but a
nympho none the less. I'm also fidgeting a lot right now.

Uuuuh, what else. I guess you don't know what happened with
John Willis at the end of break, but I don't wanna talk bout
it bc, well I kinda got really depressed.. .and well. . .I
don't wanna talk about what happened. Even though it all
turned out to be lies.

I have to pee right now, so I guess I'll do some more
writing later. I will be back more often now, bc Jess says
that I need to write things down. . instead of doing . .
well the other stuff. . that i've never done before that
weekend. anyway.

Peace yo!

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