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2005-01-26 02:00:12 (UTC)

sickness cant keep me off of him

Chris came back this weekend. My poor baby, he was sick. My
parents weren't home, only my sister and for the most part
she stayed out of our way.

Saw him walk into the room, I had just gotten out of the
shower and was freashly dressed. I wanted to play it cool
but i ended up jumping him instead. ha. And we just lay in
my bed for a while, the door closed, my little sister
mustve been wondering what was going on. I tried to be
quiet, i tried to make him be quiet. He prolly thought that
he wasn't getting any but after 4 or 5 weeks of him being
away I was horny. We kissed and made out for a long time.
We grinded against each other for awhile and he fingered me
for a pretty long time. we had the whole day. He pulled off
my pants (all this is happening in my room ... wow i can
taste him right now ... in the afternoon. This was after
some getting some soup).

Anyhow, we grinded. we kissed. He took off my pants and I
unzipped his. so hard. omigod. i hope that i never stop
being surprised by how rock hard and big he is. I stroked
it. He pulled me closer to him and i was on top. he slipped
into me slowly and i let out a moan. we were really caught
up in the moment. Having sex without noise makes you
concentrate on so many other things. He came and pulled
out. I almost didnt want him to, but was glad he did.

We slept alot during that time. I just love it when he tugs
at my hair. Before the next session he slipped on a rubber
and whispered into my ear: "Ill try my best to not make you
Me: "I can't promise anything."
I came.
Then he was on top. And i just love it when he's on top. He
saw that I just threw my leg beside my head, he smirked,
then grabbed my leg and put it on his shoulder and kept the
rhythm going. I love the feeling of him on top, looking
down on me, the weight of him against me, love seeing his

then i asked something i had never AsKed before ... i
whispered afterwards : "...will you go down on me..."
He happily obliged and I happily recieved.He licked,
fingered, bit a little and i had to hold a pillow up to my
face to stop from screaming. His beautiful head between my
spread legs makes me sooo wet. Then we slept. And he kissed
my shoulder and all down my arm, told me to wake up. and we
parted our separate ways. My little sister must be scarred
for life now, but oh well.

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