2005-01-26 01:13:53 (UTC)

january 25 2005

hey today was fun went to the beach took pix went to the
grandmas house and aunts and um ate a lil played on the
comp and came back home our lights in our car wernt
working so it really was werid we couldnt see how fast we
were going lol and then my sis pulls out sum like shark
laser lol or something. i found out that im going to try
to shaddow my sister at school next wednesday! omg im so
happy seriously but danielle (my other sister) oh wait
chrissy is who i am shaddowing lol my sister so ne ways
danielle said i cant shaddow ne more so my mom is going to
call the school tomarow so i guess we will find out so i
dont know anymore! ahhh i have a test tomarow its a la
test on gramer so i better get studying i stayed after
school today for help with it, hopefully that will be put
to good use. so i think im gonna go get a bath and then
start studying it is now 8:13 pm so im off...
xoxo serena

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