K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-01-26 00:12:17 (UTC)

Off the dome

OK so now getting rid of Larry is gonna be harder than I
thought. In the beginning it was easy not to care cuz
truth be told i didn't. I knew once i met his family and
got closer to them it would be harder and harder to wrench
myself free. As time wears on I beg myself not to fuck,
but I want to...bad. I've never been one to want to sleeep
with guys just off G.P. but Larry's got a big dick. But
that would only further complicate things. How do you
tell someone that you spend all your free time with that
you don't care enough to start a relationship with them?
or that you knew ultimately that he isnt what you want for
yourself? the only reason that i stick around is becuz I
have nothin better to do? but once I do I'll leave so fast
he can speak to my breeze. Does that make me a cold
hearted bitch, probably but who cares? I'Z A HEARTBREAKA!

I'm tired of not wanting the guys that come my way, and
right now there are a few....i start to think that maybe
i'm gay, or what I mean is, I see guys that are attractive
but I see little more than that. I don't see my potential
partner, but a man that is moderately attractive and that
will be the extent to which I think of him.When it comes
down to it all I want is someone that is HOT, loyal, smart
and passionately ambitious, oh and generous,kind and
responsible....is that soo much to ask? ok i suppose it is
but so what?I wouldn't ask for something I didn't have
myself. I think I deserve it and refuse to settle, so
poor Larry will be set aside sooner or later.