*.:.* bRoKeN tEaRs *.:.*

ThE lifE aNd bUlL sHiT oF lAuReN
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2005-01-25 23:16:24 (UTC)


Wow I hate school with a deep deep passion...today was the
end of the semister so we changed classes i have alot of
classes with my friends but i still hate school ! lol
theres this kid i like...his name is michael lloyd and hes
the hottest kid in our school so alot of people like him
and me being ugly knowing i cant get him i just try to be
his friend. anyways today me and my friend taylor were
walking down the hall and i saw mikey and i said "hey
mikey" and he looks at me and walks away!!!! ive never
ever ever done anything to that kid!!!:'( ntears it makes
me sad that i cant get him lol i'll get over it somehow!!
anyway ummm dont to much more to say soo until then love
*pEaCe oUt!*

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