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2005-01-25 23:04:07 (UTC)

The Abandoned House / My mini saga

As promised, here is my poem I wrote for English based on
the poem Abandoned Farmhouse by Ted Kooser..If you want to
see that poem, go to www.google.com, type in "Abandoned
Farmhouse" by Ted Kooser. Here goes:

The Abandoned House

He was a messy boy, say the dirty clothes on the floor
And the trash under his bed. An athletic boy too, say
The football plaques and his closet shaped like a locker;
And a nice, polite guy says the awards for most polite.
Buy not a boy for cleaning his dishes, say the plates
And glasses all over his room.

He lived with his fiancee, says the pink walls in
The bedroom across the hall and the smell of
Freshly baked cookies, and they were expecting
A baby girl, says the crib in the room painted
With flowers and the pink blanket.
They were rich, says the three story house and the
Escalade in the driveway. They were having
Spaghetti that night, says the smell of meatballs
And noodles wafting from the kitchen.
The summers were hot, say the open windows
And the temperature box on fifty degrees.
They were never lonely here says the highway.

Something went wrong, says the broken windows
And the alarm going off. Rocks in the living room
Say the alarm did not get set; the money laying
On the table says they were going on a trip, but left
In a hurry. And the fiancee? A newspaper article was
Found with her picture on it, a note starting out,
"To My One and Only Love,"
Something went wrong, they say.


That same day I wrote that poem, we also had to do a mini
saga (that's something that has to be exactly 30 words, no
more, no less, and have a beginning, a middle, and an end.)
Here goes:


Ben was walking home from school. When he got home, he
noticed the knife in Allison's hand.
"What are you doing with that knife, Allison?" he
"What I should have done a long time ago!" she said.
At once, she slit his throat watching him die a horrible

If you are reading this and you know me on a personal
level, the names in my mini-saga just popped into my head.
I know one of them sounds familiar to you, but don't
worry, it just popped into my head. ^.^

Until later, fair viewers!


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