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Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist...
2005-01-25 22:52:55 (UTC)


Omg i'm so tired! i don't even know why! I've been at school
all day which was very boring as usual, and then i went into
town with Richard, and went drinking, in the playhouse, and
then picassos... by the time we left picassos at about 6:50
i was kinda pissed... lol
I hope ionas ok... she writes diary entrys, and half the
time, they sound as if they're written directly for me...
she is upset about something, something is bothering her,
and i don't know what it is... i could probably get her to
tell me eventually, but i don't like pressuring people into
things, i'd prefer if she'd just tell me out of her own free
I'm also worried about alison... (alison being my sister)
i'm never too sure about her, coz she says she's fine all
the time, and seems happy enough, but sometimes i can tell
something else is wrong. And today, iona came up to me at
3pm and made me incredibly paranoid... she said something
along the lines of "JAMES! You have to talk to Alison!!! You
have to make sure she's ok" or something like that... it
sounded like alison was going to kill herslef... got home,
and she was apparently fine. Iona wouldn't tell me exactly
what was wrong, coz her and my sister never tell me things
about eachother, which sometimes is quite irritating! Oh
well... i would hope that if she ever needed to talk to
someone, then she'd come to me! i'm usually very good at
dealing with other peoples problems...
OMG a very funny thing happened today... as soon as i got
into form first thing thismorning, Mr Jones (my form tutor)
informed me that Miss Clarke (the deputy head) wanted to see
me... i knew that it was going to be about the argument i
had with the stupid bitch Miss O'reilly the day before...
and sure enough it was! Blah blah blah attitude blah... then
it moved onto make-up, and the fact that i wear too much
black... and then a very odd, but funny thing happened...
she goes to me...
"James, can i be very blunt with you???"
"Have you... 'come out' in school yet??"
Lmao! i was like WTF?! but anyways, we spoke about sexuality
for ages, and she dealt with it in an excellent way... not
making me feel wierd or anything, and she was very supportive!
Omg i'm so tired! anyways, i'm gonna go to sleep now! tlk 2
u later xxx

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