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2005-01-25 22:51:42 (UTC)

A New Chapter

I've been thinking a whole lot lately, and it is altogether
amazing, frightening, breath-taking, and sad. But, it has
been enriching since the start and up until now, I gain
more insight. I'm starting to learn more of myself, and I
want to embrace the new me and help her grow. This is
necessary, I feel. Since the closure of last year, I do not
see the world around me the same as I used to. Nor am I
ignorant to the constant risks out there. I wish to tell
everything, but I fear the words themselves and I fear
scaring people. I've scared a friend while I shared my
thoughts with her, and even though she's the person I can
trust the most aside from my mother, I feel bad. I've even
had conversations with my mother, and it was then that I
learned that everyone is afraid. Not just me.

I want to take the time that I have been given to discover
new areas of me, life, and anything else placed in my path
of life. I don't want to be weak, afraid, or negative, and
I only hope that accompanied with this new me, I can
conquer all negativity and be positive.

I wish I were a child again. I was ignorant then. And there
was nothing scary to think about, to wake up and find it
floating there in your mind, like a haunting of some sort.

Why now?