Attila the Hen

Chicken Scratchings
2005-01-25 21:36:00 (UTC)

Humble Beginnings

Hmmmm... someone said to me the other day, do you have a
blog? I said no, on account of I am interminably boring
and being a computer dummy (Computers for Dummies was
inspired by me)I wouldnt know where to begin. So, I found
this diary site. I guess its a start.

Why have I called this "Chicken Scratchings"? Cos when I
write things down at home, or make notes of any kind, they
are usually illegible except to me and the MOTH (Man of the
House) labelled them chicken scratchings a long time ago.
In addition, it somehow fits with me being known as Attila
the Hen.

Ah the nick of Attila the Hen, therein lies another story.
Perhaps for a later date.

For now, humble beginnings of a first diary entry. We can
see how we go from here.

Be safe and well if there are any readers out there.

- Attila

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