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2005-01-25 21:35:47 (UTC)


I'd like to begin by saying my school sucks. I am living
in a shithole. Kal and I got back from vacation to have
found out shit moved all around and not put back. We also
have some sort of pipe running out of the ceiling that is
very warm. First semester they had some sort of form
covering it so that if we got near it (which we do
frequently since its next to the tv and all my clothes) we
didnt scorch ourselves. Apparently during room
inspections they discovered that the form was not working
and decided it needed to be replaced. The asshole that
came to replace it didnt have the correct materials and
instead left it "naked." This basically means that we had
a seriously health hazard that they didnt seem to care
about. Im also beginning to think that there might be
something with the air ventilation in our room. I know I
like to sleep, but I am constantly tired, beyond normal
tired...and no it is not mono for all you know-it-alls.
We have both had frequent headaches and kal had a bloody
nose. Even if this is true I cant get anything from it
since we signed away our rights to sue the school for
anything. I think I might freeze to death one of these
nights since my bedroom has no heater...can you tell that
I am cranky?

On top of wishing that I lived in a 5 star hotel instead
of a poverty asylum I also wish that I could be more
spontaneous. I wish I could be one of those people that
hears of something fun and just goes and does it without
thinking at all. Instead I'm one of those people that has
to think out every possible scenario and then weigh the
costs to the benefits. I'm not saying that is all
together a bad thing, but its definately not good to let
that be the guiding force in your life. I think a
combination of spontaneity and rationality would be
perfect. Then I could be one of those people that
surprises their friends at school or has the ability to
skip class for something that is guaranteed to matter more
in the long run. I think I'm getting more spontaneous so
maybe I will eventually hit the perfect medium. I
definately have a lot of fun not thinking things out, even
if it results in getting lost for 2 hours and having
people stare. Until then I guess I will just be stuck in
shitty PA freezing my ass off and most liking dying of
carbon monoxide poisoning.