wierd life of a girlinadarkprison
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2005-01-25 20:57:05 (UTC)


Am i going back down the spiral where once at the bottom
you cant get back up?

I fee like i am coming out of that night of depression but
something says to me that it might not be for one night. i
dunno why i hate myself for what was said between me, my ex
and Craig..i just do. oh what the fuck is going on with

told Craig it was a one off with me self harming and i
promised it..this is a promise i want to keep, as the
spiral looks steaper than the last one.

Dont get me wrong i feel happy but with Craig not here i
feel like half as i said with him going back
home it feels like a chunk of me has just gone away...i
really want to feel whole at the moment i am
half dead. soon i guess.

well there you go you all probaly think i am mad depressed
bitch. oh well think what you like.


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