Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-01-25 20:41:13 (UTC)

Fun, Fun and more Fun!!!

Dearest Master,

This has been a great day! This slave was put to bed last
night by You, her loving and generous Master. she loves
being collared, restrained and blindfolded for sleep time.
This slave also loves being awakened by You for Your
pleasure. Last night was no exception.

this slave was awakened by You around 3 AM. Her blindfold
and collar were still in place, but the wrist restraints
had been removed. After several minutes of squeezing and
pinching this slaves nipples, You finally succeeded in
rousing her completely. You instructed her to move down on
the bed to do something a little different. Instead of
taking Your cock in my mouth or licking and suckling Your
balls, You told this slave to snuggle up behind You and
lick up and down the crack of Your ass while stroking Your
cock with her hand. she complied as instructed, but
struggled with the correct positioning of her face against
Your ass in order to give You the most pleasure possible
and still maintaining the ability to breathe! You took
over the stroking of Your cock and left this slave to
concentrate on pleasuring Your ass crack. You finally
decided that You should roll over on Your left side so You
could stroke with Your right hand. You rolled over and
this slave snuggled up behind You and continued the task at
hand. This time, she brought a pillow with her to put her
head at a better height to give You deeper satisfaction.
this slave still had to struggle for the right position,
but she still very much enjoyed making love to Your ass
crack with much attention paid to Your little puckered ass
hole. After several enjoyable minutes, You had her stop
and join You by Your side.

You then had this slave lean over You and take Your cock
into her mouth and pleasure it into full hardness while
lubricating it at the same time. You then instructed this
slave to mount You so You could f*** her cunt from the
bottom. this slave loves when You f*** her in this
manner. she is able to move her body up and down,
clenching and unclenching her vaginal muscles over Your
cock, giving You extreme pleasure, all the while ignoring
the desire and yearnings of her own body, concentrating
fully on Your body and its ultimate pleasure. this slave
used to not be able to control her orgasms when in this
position, but You have taught her well to focus all her
attentions on satisfying You and paying no mind to the fire
burning between her own legs. this slave thanks You for
this Master. she is so much happier and more content to
focus on You than on her own selfish needs. she is
extremely wet between the legs right now (and it's not just
menstrual fluid), just writing about this and her nipples
are hard and aching against her bra, but she is just
enjoying the sensations of horniness and taking no action
to satisfy her hungers and cravings. she is fulfilled in
her denial. Thank You, Master.

After riding You just short of orgasm, You had this slave
dismount and once again move down on the bed. This time,
it was between Your legs, to take Your wonderful, velvety
cock deep into her throat. You were very horny by now and
very ready to cum. You f***ed this slave's mouth with
abandon and You were soon shooting copius amounts of semen
into deep into her willing throat. There was a massive
amount of cum and she tried to swallow without sucking too
hard, but You did have to admonish her at one point that
she must not suck. she did stop sucking, and she did
manage to swallow the entire load You presented to her.
Not a precious drop was spilled. Once Your spasms
subsided, she continued to lie between Your legs,
worshipping, licking and lavishing attention onto Your
cock. The stiffness did not leave it and moans of pleasure
kept emanating from Your lips. You were in "bliss" and so
was this slave! You finally instructed her to join You by
Your side, and while You jacked off once more, she stroked
Your balls, causing yet another climax for You. Pleasant
dreams, Dear Master.

Upon her rising for the morning, this slave urinated,
checked her weight and showered. she gained a 1/2 pound.
163.5 - Big Bummer. she should not have eaten both roast
beef and cheese broccoli soup! she should not have eaten
ice cream either. Tonight supper must be minimal and no
treats afterwards! Today this slave has eaten 1/2 a
quiche, 1 cheese stick, 1 chicken caesar salad with no
croutons and with carb free ranch dressing instead of the
caesar dressing. she just finished a piece of beef jerkey,
and You have instructed her to only nibble at cheese sticks
and beef jerkey for the rest of the day. You have a
meeting this afternoon and will not be home for dinner.
this slave misses You so much!

After You showered, this slave came to help You dry off and
You had her between Your legs once again. You f***ed her
mouth once again and finished up with her tongue against
Your balls and cumming all over her back. *smile* Could a
slave ask for any more? this slave thinks not. she was
tailor made for You, Master, and she could not be happier!

The kids had a great school day and finished school early.
After lunch, mommy dressed them warmly and took them
sledding. They all agreed that this was their best day
ever! mommy loves getting the chance to have fun times
with the kids. Most of her time is spent teaching them and
she rarely gets the chance to just have a good time with
them. Today was great!

Oh, as this slave mentioned earlier, she began her period
today. It started 2 days early, but that's good. It
should definitely be done by Saturday. this slave hates
having her period on the weekend, because if she does get
the opportunity to "O" it is on the weekend. Weekdays are
full of too many responsibilities to allow her focus to be

This slave's journal is done for today. she is off to cook
supper for the family and then do some exercising. she is
able to go now for much longer stretches at a time on the
Health Rider and will soon be doing a full 500 reps all in
one shot.

This slave, bliss loves You very much Master! she will
always and forever be Your loving, loyal and devoted slave,