a thousand clever lines written on a tho
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2005-01-25 19:37:33 (UTC) in GAY mount sentinel rite
now..unfortunately..but i missed my girls so it's all gage me and kali were writing notes about..U KNO
WHO...and i started laughing at something and then kali
started laughing and then she looked over and she just
glared us down, cuz OH did she ever a E-
tard..and yea, just now there was an anouncement for her to
go to the office and it was a phone call and i have a
feeling it was jesse becuz she wouldnt get a phone call
from her parents I dont think..but yea..i dunno why i'm soo
bumming over this at times, it's been so long...I guess
it's just the way life goes...blah, sadness...
anyways i'm not going to waste my FUN FUN FUN lunch hour
anymore...not..ttyl p'ce..

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