You think you know, but you have no idea
2005-01-25 18:51:09 (UTC)

old entries from my old journal

~~~july 20~~~
yeah, so i was talking to shawn about him always claiming
boredom and look where it ended up.

k (2:54:29 PM): how come youre always bored?
s (2:54:40 PM): no one to do
k(2:55:09 PM): yeah.
s(2:56:11 PM): so can i do u
k (2:56:17 PM): no.
s(2:56:29 PM): not even for a few years?
k (2:56:36 PM): no.
s (2:56:42 PM): why not
k (2:56:56 PM): shawn. you know my situation.
s(3:00:01 PM): no i dont
k(3:00:15 PM): virgin till marriage.
s(3:00:38 PM): why?
k(3:02:52 PM): in case you haveny noticed, i am the wifey-
type. im not hte one th fuck and leave.
k (3:03:22 PM): i am staying pure for my future husband.
and indirectly, my kids too
s(3:03:32 PM): i never said fuck and leave but marriage
brings problems in relationships
k: (3:04:11 PM): i KNOW you never said fuck and leave.and
marriage doesnt not bring problems.
s(3:04:21 PM): yea it do
k (3:04:25 PM): marriage is a god-given union. and god is
not wrong.
s (3:04:41 PM): no it brings drama.
k (3:04:56 PM): everything brings drama, shawn!!!!
k (3:05:07 PM): child support! thats not drama?
s(3:05:29 PM): naw just marriage cuz u could have a
committed relationship with out marriage
k(3:05:37 PM): if ppl are in the right mindset, they can
work out heir problems
k(3:06:14 PM): you can, but im not having intercourse out
of wedlock.
s(3:06:19 PM): say no to marriage
k (3:06:28 PM): say no to ignorance
s (3:07:00 PM): HELL NO marriage dont show
s (3:07:21 PM): HELL NO marriage GO
k(3:07:32 PM): that makes no sense.
s(3:07:53 PM): y dont it
k (3:08:16 PM): your little chants? bc it doesnt.
k(3:09:07 PM): marriage "dont show" what?marriage "go"
s(3:09:36 PM): dont show up, go away
k(3:09:47 PM): dont show up where?
k(3:09:53 PM): you make no sense.
k (3:09:56 PM): honestly
s(3:10:17 PM): ok yo opinion
k (3:10:28 PM): yeah, okay.

it would be one thing if i were mad at him for go against
my opinion, but im mad bc hes ignorant. thats why i liked
the sex discussion with tyra better. shes SO respectable.

~~~july 23~~~
tyra and julie were (and still mighty be) in a
disagreement about some type of phone number. this is
pretty much what i told BOTH, yes both, of
them, "lalalalala! im not in this!" and if they wouldnt
have respected my decision to stay out, then that would
have been another topic in my ujournal.

last night i told shawn that my boobs were hurting bc of
pms. (for all the males reading this, pms effects women in
lots of diffent ways. most have attitudes. some cry and
are moody. and rare ppl like me are slighty cheerful. also
we get deathly sore in different places. most
common...abdomen. me...boobs.) anyway, i think i scared
him off for about a week. but whatever, i dont care. he is
only around for entertainment.

in case i didnt mention it earlier, my bosslady never came
in. the other interns left at noon. and no one had come in
for anything yesterday. i left 30 minutes early. mom was
outraged. this is what she said: "i got you this job. you
are a reflection of me." which is true to a certain
extent, but i react more positively to conversation and
not muhfucken yelling. one day she will realize this. one
day. she thinks im the worst child ever. (im not pregnant,
i dont do drugs, and at least im IN school!) she was even
suspicious of me when i wanted to ride the just to see
where it went yesterday. really i just wanted to get out
of her hair. but whatever! im sure its just the medicine.

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