Cat Like Thief

She stole air from my lungs
2005-01-25 17:19:18 (UTC)

Fourteen For Forever

Never ever
Have a I kissed anyone with such sincerity
And with such gentality
You are my daydream queen
Dreaming of where we can go
Where we have been so far
Has been pure bliss
And like a frozen screen
My mind locks on every kiss
Your beauty stuns me
Your eyes drown me
You set my soul ablaze
But as the flames dance around
It seems so crisp and cool
I want to show you everything
Everything that I know and everything that is me
But no where, no place on this Earth
From the top of the Swiss Alps
To the base of Mount Fuji
Can match the feeling I recieve
When you stare at me
If only telepathy were a fact
I would take a picture of your mind
And put it all together in an album
Under my bed
but always in my heart
When our fingers interlock
Feelings of awe and shock
Fireworks ring in my ears and flash in my memory
You are the phonebooth
The fancy gadgets
Or simply the cape
That makes this ordinary guy a superhero
And what I look most forward to
Is how much you will make me that much of a better person
Of the times that we'll never be able to sell
The best part of all
You are really mine
Really mine...

Is it true?

God really does answer prayers
You have no idea how you make me feel
Words restrict us
Like rubber bands they can only stretch so far
My feelings have already been through a whole box
My thumb will attest to the sting of the snapping elastic
I can't believe I have someone this wonderful now
Finally someone to share life with
That special person
Who plays all roles in one
I'll be at class
Because there is so much to learn
And I am an apt pupil
Teach me please, I want to know all about you
Time has gained a new pair of wings
Off he goes
But not even he could ruin this for me
You make me the best I can be
And you make me happier than even you can see
14 days huh?
Two of the best weeks of my life
And it's not over
We have so much more
There's so much more...
Thank you God, Thank You
She makes a great fit

Written April 9, 2004