Cat Like Thief

She stole air from my lungs
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2005-01-25 17:17:02 (UTC)

Thoughts of an Insomniac

I like the new lighting in my room
Are there magnets in my fingertips
That draw me to this keyboard?
One of my friends talks to me about a movie
But I find no satisfaction in that
Sleep is not an option
As time plunges deep into the dark
By this canvas I am entranced
Like God and his earth
I hear the faint strum of a guitar
Looking out into the courtyard I feel the errie silence
People are dreaming
Taking a break from this world
Stars are not visible in the sky
Instead it is black and faintly tinted
By electricity's favorite partner the light
Tommorrow beckons me to bed
Promising great things to come
At this time, I will agree
And soon be reunited with reality
This is my life at this instant

Written March 25, 2004