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2005-01-25 17:11:40 (UTC)

Hey there

well right now i'm in my class at n my man are
fightin right now b/c someone's big mouth told him
something i did when i was stoned and he somewat got mad
but somewat didn't care...i pissed him off b/c i asked him
that if he didn't care wat i did then does he even care
about me? Yea he got pissed and hung up on me but like 2
minutes latta called me right back,But today he acts like
nothing even hapened.Wat am i to do? i mean i love him n
all but i don't know wat to do. So if anyone reads this n
has an answer please tell me b/c i have no clue wat to
do...I mean now i feel like i'm starting to love them both.

Help Me!
Lost n Confused!