Cat Like Thief

She stole air from my lungs
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2005-01-25 17:09:06 (UTC)


Last night there was a war
Over what is a mystery
When the battle roared on, I took it to a place far off
So no neutral countries would be harmed
Music and Scripture, my only delight
Last night in no man's land
Civilian turmoil over my place in the world
I know other contries value me and will give my people aid
But for now, I must be xenophobic, and take care
of domestic issues
Perhaps it is the idleness of the majority of my week
I demand a challenge out of myself
It demands growth and more understanding of the world
It demands to be fed books, lectures, expierience
I desire to be outside, to explore, to work, to interact
To learn, to feel independant, to be what I ought to be
Being in this room is no freedom, it's no independance
But what is it to be free?
To have multiple responsibilities and be tied down by them?
To have 5 days of idle time on your hands?
Freedom is the ability to choose what you think freedom is
My reality right now is not freedom, and I need to be freed
I hold the key, and I think it's time to open the door..
and end this war...

Written February 23, 2004

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