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2005-01-25 16:23:48 (UTC)

hey... thought id update my diary 4 whoever reads this

yea my weekend sucked ...i spent the entire time bitching @
the mf formally known as my dad ... he really needs some
meds or some shit or to just be killed already cuz both me
and my mom are getting sick of his shit ... me more than
her cuz i didn't get to bed till 12:30 am this morning so
yeah i got about 4.5 hours of sleep half of what i normally
get or are supposed to get ...but now i have this
teacher ... Mr. murray for english ...had to take 2nd half
of freshman english over again ...its been 2 days and he's
already confused the shit out of me and majorly pissed me
off ... things got so bad i was ready to walk out of my
house and while i was having a mental breakdown i was
contemplating murder and suicide ....... this is what i
wrote last night ...... Hey 6:30pm just spent the past
half hour crying... getting really sick of life here, i
shouldn't have hate going home everyday, wondering how long
i can bitch before i lose my voice or come close to puking,
go to bed miserable, have a headache before i go to bed
every night, miss meals everyday, and alt of other shit.
Just cuz i don't have marks on me and shit doesn't mean i
have a perfect life or whatever people think. TO TELL THE
TRUTH MY LIFE SUX LITERALLY!!! Contemplating right now
whether to slit my wrists(more things) or TRY MY DAMNEDEST
to deal with it.