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2005-01-25 16:23:46 (UTC)


Why was I made to feel Joy, when it only lasts a minute?
Why was I made to feel Love, when thereÂ’s really nothing
in it?
Why do I feel so confused; like I canÂ’t find my way?
Why was I made to feel Anger; it will only impair my day?
Why do I feel so Lonely, when there are billions of people
Why was I made to feel Sadness, when I cannot shed a tear?

Why was I born into sin? No good can come from that.
Why do we say that we love someone, before we stab them in
the back?
Why do I feel Lust, when it is a deadly sin?
Why am I so Envious, when someone else wins?
Why do I feel so Weary, as if I have a troubled soul?
Why have mine eyes seen so much sorrow, when IÂ’m only
nineteen years old?

Why am I in this place of Greed, Deception, and Death?
And if everyone wants me to succeed then why is it so hard
to get some help?
Why must we risk our lives in order to pay for school?
Why must my people die for someone else to rule?

If we have such great leaders then why is our economy such
a joke?
Why, for our country to prosper, others must be broke?
If I kill another killer then am I not a murderer as well?
So what good is killing for my religion, when all murders
go to hell?

Why do we procrastinate, then blame others when we fail?
How do my brothers, that try to live right, still end up
in jail?
How can we love our sisters if we degrade them and spit in
there face?
How can a sister love herself when she allows us to treat
her that way?

Why do I care for others when they do not care for me?
Why canÂ’t my people come together in this world of poverty?
If “Knowledge is Power” then why are my people so weak?
If there are so many more questions then why is this poem

Jacques A. Miller

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