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2005-01-25 16:22:32 (UTC)


Most people don’t know what they have until it’s gone,
But by then it’s too late.
They pass up the right cause it feels better to do wrong,
Then beg for forgiveness and Gods grace.
This is a good poem for all the women,
Who claims that they can’t find a good man
When most of the time there’s one in your face
And he’s slipping through your hands.
See I grew-up respecting women,
Learning to care and love.
But came to find out when it comes too young women
They all just want a thug.
They want the guy with all the game,
The one who’s a real chick slayer.
But then they find out that his got four other girls,
And they’ve fallen in love with a player.
So you spend your life chasing those guys
Cause they’re what you thought you wanted.
But fifteen years later you look back on your life
And you’re lonely and disappointed.
See as a nice guy you get rejected,
So much that it makes you want to snap.
But as the hunter that you are,
You observe what works then you adapt.
So fifteen years later you see the nice guy
Who continuously asked you for a date,
So now you date him, and he’s like rest,
Why? Because you’re TOO LATE.

Jacques Miller

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