void deck
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2005-01-25 15:53:44 (UTC)

bright, sunny day and cool night

Today when I was going to buy pig's liver vermicelli in
one of the stalls in The Deck, the auntie was looking
inquisitively at me and asked me in Chinese,"But it's
pig's liver! YOu want ah?" Man... talking about promoting
what you're selling... Weird... Anyway, I like it because
it does not taste as horrible as it sounds and it is an
excellent source of iron for my body.

I went for the first session of Befriending programme this
evening. I have not gotten any befriendee yet, though...
There is one befriendee who is really good-looking, tall
and sweet(Linda), a super hyperactive boy(Prakash) and
some others... I am pretty excited about this programme...
According to my INFJ personality analysis, I will make a
good social worker. I want to see how true that is.

Melvin Koh is an interesting guy. Smart, funny, kind... I
hope I can get to know him better... He stepped on my
balloon... ha ha... evil...

Tiring days...

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