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2005-01-25 15:30:41 (UTC)


my friend gave me this advice this morning:

"close your eyes cover your ears... what does your heart
say?if it says love if it is... then you know what to do.
dont give up, love is worth it"

those words almost made me break into tears...i still
havent eaten since what i ate with him yesterday. im a
wreck. i really love him and people will go thru great
lenghts and miles to show they love...i am willing to
prove to him and have him sit back and let me show him
that all we have earned together still is the same, my
love 4 him is real and STRONGER than ever. no doubt.

my cuzns wife just emailed me...i told her about my
wanting to see them in hawaii. she said COME OVER !!
she told me to let her know when i had an answer and a
date. she says they are excited to see me. i still dont

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