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2005-01-25 14:29:50 (UTC)

problems problems

Okay so i have what some people would call a "Depresion"
problem but what i call it is being a teenager yes it sux
for most and some people are very lucky an have a happy
teenage life... i dont, and yes i'm going to moan.

okay first off, lets observe the problem at the top of my
very long list... boys !!!
i've known a guy for about 4 years and we r very close but
getting older i have developed feelings for him.. problem
is he is a little younger than me, so its not much of a
big deal. anyway for a while now we have been VERY close,
not just as friends. His name is Andrew We may as well be
boyfriend and
girlfriend but we're not, and i want it so bad, maybe he
does too i'm not sure cause he is the most open of people
and even if he did have feelings for me then i dont think
he'd tell me or any1 else.
he has alot of other friends that are girls and he will
hug them and wateva but hes not as close to any of them as
he is with me. Some of his friends (that are girls) i dont
like at all, but i guess thats a jelousy thing that most
people get, basically when they r around i feel like he
not ignores me but doesnt really aknowledge me much at
all, but i understand he has to spent time with other
friends too.

i know it seems like all i have done is moan but really
i'm not that bad, i promise.

by the way, if anyone is interested my msn addy is
[email protected], if u want come chat too me, i wont bite

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