a thousand clever lines written on a tho
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2005-01-25 14:01:56 (UTC)

ewwww.......THIS ISNT COOL

omg..its tuesday morning at fucking 6AM!!!...oh but dont be
surprised ppl..i barely slept all nite!!...well i must've
slept a bit, cuz im not tired at all...i woke up every
hour, and the whole nite i was tossing and turning, so i
must've been in a light sleep...i've been up and doing
things since 4:30am tho....i realized last nite that the
only thing i ate all day yesterday was subway...i didn't
eat supper or anything so i woke up feeling like even worse
shit than I should have felt....i feel so unhealthy, ew,
it's sick...
i wonder if i'll make it thru today......hopefully,
anyways..i hope carm is doin okay, shes gotta try goto
school today too but...shes in cgar also so, it must be a
real fuckin drag for her..but I LOVE YOU CARMO!
another day of mount sentinel, this should be
interesting......anyway s im out, p'cceee