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2005-01-25 11:00:42 (UTC)

Man Number One

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
11:41 PM

So hey,

I know in my introduction I’ve put my bedtime down as
but damn I got home after work at like 7:00 PM and
gapped it to bed… so here I am, wide awake now and mucking
round online.

I guess I haven’t written in here for a lil’ while since I
started because it’s kinda like, what do I write about –
from reading a few other diaries, I have since come to the
conclusion that you write about your life, love life, lack
thereof and such things.

Soooo, here goes the 411 on my love life. Let me begin
with a fellow who is causing me probably the utmost pain
the moment – let’s call this fellow, Carl. (Aliases do
indeed need apply coz ya never know who might be scooping
this diary.)

Carl: Age 31 (7 years my senior, I know)
Acquainted: A year and a bit I’d say, possibly even two
Met: At a shady bar – long story, hit me up for it one day

Carl asked me out a few months after us exchanging
I had to be honest and tell him that I was currently
someone… in fact, I was engaged. He even said “ok, how
about this: you spend the day with me and then we’ll take
it from there”… me the proverbial good girl said I thought
that would be as good as cheating and I’d rather not.

Cutting a very long story short, I eventually finished
my so-called fiancé and was free for the killing… I’d
with Carl a few times since my break up and we talked
almost every single day. If we didn’t talk on the phone
were emailing.

So one night I ask him what he wants from me and he
straight up says he wants to be with me, why beat around
the bush? As luck would have it Paul, an ex of mine calls
me on my cell at the same time saying he’s outside and can
I come out (he’s in the army, never in the same city, tell
all about HIM next update) so I tell Carl I gotta jet as
old friend is outside. He asks who and why lie? I can
sense an anger of sorts but hey, give me a break.

I call Carl back and things have definitely changed so the
subject of us is never broached again… this was about 6
months ago and since then we have spent a bit of time
together and I approached him about us again. He honestly
replied (via text message) that he wasn’t ready for a
relationship as he was still a playa at heart and all that
kinda shit – who could fault that? So that was that.

Paul and I reconcile in the meantime and I tell Carl that
I’m seeing Paul again… he proceeds to tell me he’s got a

What a fuckwit.

I mean, c’mon – why didn’t he say anything before I did?
Why did I have to spill before he grew hairy nuts and told
me about his gf? Shit, I thought he wasn’t ready?

Is this just the wrath of a woman scorned or what? Lol.

Anyways, if you have comments, send them on through
otherwise, stay tuned for an update on the second (should
really be first) man in my life.


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