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2005-01-25 08:02:03 (UTC)

First diary entry

Wow, this thing is pretty cool. I only leanred about it
recently when I was looking at kayla's profile. For anyone
reading this, i'll introduce name's Kaeleigh,
i'm in grade 11 at Sal. I've been doing ballet for 12 years
and i still dance a lot.

Hm, so it's 1:01 right now. Pretty late but i'm not tired.
Today was a fun day. I saw Bridget Jones's Diary 2. It was
so hilarious! I also rented Princess Diaries 2. Wow, a day
of sequels. Now i'm just talking to Jarret. I've been
talking to him for like 2 hours wow, time
flies when you talk to someone you really like.

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