taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2005-01-25 05:26:42 (UTC)

Alley?... no, Ali.... Ahh, Ali,... like the boxer.

It's revalation time!

My new favourite weekday is... Monday!

The often critized and cursed fell into my good graces
after I was exposed to repeated accounts of positiveness
on said day. It all started two monday's ago and I've been
riding the wave ever since.

A true testement to the effectiveness of the idle will
kill methodology. "Jasmine, I'll catch you later, there is
******* I **** to *** hi **." "ok!" ----- "Do ***
*ind?" "**y! no, no.." *undenyable wit, undenyable wit,

Oh what a monitoring form.. Three, yes three very goods.
Research, technical, communcation... flawless. Same time
next monday? You betcha.

They all take the backseat, all of 'em. If only.

La sigh. Work will never be the same. Or it will, just
more bearable. The best breaks happen on the brink of
allowability. Yo, James, I got locked out. insert
scheeming grin. ASI, you impair my soul. The rope's end,
frayed. edoc. level. mirror.

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