Chelsey Smith

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2005-01-25 04:33:54 (UTC)

o fpm'y jsbr pmr!!!

Ok so...when a teacher is brought to a school to teach
that is what they are supposed to do right? well what the
hell happened to this lets teach 7 days worth of Math in 2
days?!?!?!?!?!?! I have been out of math for 2 years now
and am not at all getting what he is talking
about...trying to understand the examples in the notes,
and then next...solving equations with the quadratic
formula using pi to the forth power subtracting infinaty
and multiplying by the lightyears away the sun and the
moon!?!?!? i still dont understand what 24x
(expontent 2) - 4x 13=0 comes out to and now we are doing so now its time to drop a class. also, so since
i am still in high school, not yet into college...well
kinda...aint i suposed to only have high school classes???
so then why..even though my and class mates are taking an
upper level english high school course, and its for
college credit, should it really have an elevated
ciriculum? even higher then the college course?????????
honors one was great...even thought Mrs. heitman hates me,
but now we have some other chic, who has to give us the
essays and everything, and making it harder then the
college course she teaches??? wtf is going on? we are only
seniors....IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!