a thousand clever lines written on a tho
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2005-01-25 04:23:44 (UTC)

hahahha yesss

well it's 8:15...monday night..i just finished talking to
kali, we had another bitch fest about she is
sooo going downhill in this world...she spends all her
money on drugs and then she bitches about how she doesn't
have any food at her place..and shes living back where she
got kicked out of becuz the first wknd she had drugs
there...anyways, apparently on friday jesse phoned her and
said to not come out becuz he was hanging out w/ Robyn and
shit, and she was like "he was only rude to me becuz robyn
was sitting right ehre, and ill beat the shit out of anyone
who pisses me off" like...haha for one, I think jesse and
robyn fucked or if not, done something...and stacey is
seriously ALL TALK and NO ACTION...
i really hope they fucked, that'd be tha shizzle dizzle cuz
yea, stacey deserves that and more..
she needs to see that jesse isn't all she thought he was....
chris wants a girl..and i want a
and tomororw if i goto school im going to snap at hte
principles...for not getting my money asap, seriously..she
prolly has had 60 buck sin the past 2 weeks, and still
hasn't given me a single dime..i'm not letting her off the
handle either, i want my money...and if not that, my
in gage once she was gion off bout how she only has tomato
soup left..i was like fuck stop spending that money on
drugs then, or should i say STOLEN money..anyhoo im out,
p'ceee love you

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