Ashley S

From The Outside Looking In
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2005-01-25 03:50:30 (UTC)

the day after

ok , so everything went from right to wrong literally
overnight. My best friend never calls anymore, and I just
feel like I need someone significant in my life right now.
I have no one. My job sucks and my car is about to die.
The lonliness is engulfing. Do you ever feel like the
world keeps on spinning around you and your life is the
only one holding still? I'm just sick of it. I miss my ex
Matt with all of my heart and soul, and I still believe
that eventually he'll come back to me, and things will get
back to the way that they used to be. It's just so
empty... everything is empty. The lack of power in your
life means the presence of a defeated soul... and I am
completely powerless. That's all for now.

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