Silk Masks
2005-01-25 02:14:41 (UTC)


Nothing special today.
some work, and i need to go study soon. i should've started
ages ago. i did miserable on a test and am re-doing it
But today Wes went around to people waving a paint brush
saying things that could sound latin and telling them that
they'ed been accepted into hogwarts. that made me smile.

hmmm, i'm listening to music and i have my subwoofer on the
floor so every once and awhile it gives this nice little
vibrating feeling at my feet.

a scent has flow up the stairs.... it smells like onions...
and meat? i thought we were having keisch (how do you spell
that). i'm not a huge keisch fan so lets hope it is -)
oh and sorry if i haven't been on msn much. it depresses me
if there are to many ppl on and i'm overwhelmed, or if i
don't talk to everyone. it's so stressing! i don't
understand how ppl deal with it.


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