i have no life
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2005-01-25 01:50:24 (UTC)

omg im so tired

ok so me n my good buddy kylie go to the norwalk rec center
to work out..and i am so tired now..we ran a mile around
the track , the went two miles on the bikes, then went
another mile on the ..shit i forget the name...gesus
jod..gimmy a minut hear..ok its never gonna come to
me..lets just say i ran another mile on something. then we
went into the hot tub..and we are sittin there and these 5
hot guys walk outa the sona..and they are like muscular the
the maximum extreme .. i mean they are hotttt.but any
way..two of them come into the hot tub..and then the jets
stop .. so we are sittin there in the silencs , when one of
them starts movin there hand on the top and making the jet
noises..and me n kylie are sitting there starin at him like
hes crazy and he turns to us and hes like.."im makin my own
bubbles..." and i crack up for like ever...

then we get out..and go into the locker room , and this
lady walks in, and she is talkin to her friends about
something and she is like" i think its a viral thing" in a
funny voice .. then she goes into the bathroom and, without
thinking i mock her in the same voice really loud...i
didn't know i did it till it happend..and i felt so mean
and stupid..but it was soo funny...but i gotta go eat some