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2005-01-25 00:55:14 (UTC)

cause i hate the way i feel tonight.......

I hate the way im feeling right now. Everything is
spinning inside my head like a tornado. Nothing makes
since anymore. How could you hurt me like this. I guess
now are even. I stand here trying not to let everyone see
how weak i am. I work so hard to be strong and its not
fair how easy it is for you to come and knock me down. At
one time i truley thought you loved me but how could you
do something like this to someone you love. You know my
past and how hard it was for me to overcome that and you
turn around and do something like this. Now i have to
start over and rebuild myself all over again. Its so hard.
Life without you is so hard but life with you hurts so
bad. I dont know what to do. maybe there is only one
answer to my problem. Everything would be so much better
if i wasnt around. you want to be with your ex-girlfriend
anyways after telling me you would do anything to get me
back. I just want my life to end now.