believe me its boring
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2005-01-25 00:24:31 (UTC)

boredom takes its toll

So yeah, all I can say is that I was bored/tired :)
Current mood: tired

First best friend: Breanna
First car: 88 Chevy Cheyene
First real kiss: summer after 8th grade
First real break-up: 10th grade
First screen name: Chacheybee
First self purchased album: uhhh...haha *cough
cough* 'nsync *cough cough* or ahh perhaps Enrique Iglesias
First funeral: One of my best friends in 7th grade...
First pets: Nissan our siberian husky
First piercing/tattoo: ears
First true love: it wasn't true
First enemy: ummm I can't remember but I'm sure it was
because of something petty
First big trip: when I was a few months old out to
Washington DC for Thanksgiving
First music you remember hearing in your house: no clue
Last cigarette: never a cigarette just cigars... last one
was... the 17th of Dec
Last car ride: yesterday when Ashley and I went shopping
and spent all my money :P
Last kiss: ummm few weeks ago
Last good cry: in october, i think
Last library book checked out: I can't remember the last
book I checked out of the library it has been so long. I
have to buy all mine for classes now
Last movie seen: Meet the Fockers
Last beverage drank: Pepsi edge *which now leaves a taste
in your mouth similar to coke :(*
Last food consumed: little chicken chimi things
Last love: broke my heart... and for month continued to
manipulate me.
Last phone call: Ashley
Last time showered: I took a bath today... is that close
Last shoes worn: my fun leather and fur boots :)
Last item bought: cute boyshort panties ;)
Last annoyance: mean people
Last time wanting to die: umm well does wishing I could
fall down the stairs or trip on the cement at the Academy
Last time scolded: probably yesterday...but it might have
been today, depends on what you consider a scolding.

Fashion Stuff:
01. where is your favorite place to shop?: a store...
02. any tattoos or piercing: ears

01. do you do drugs?: only the legal sort
02. what kind of shampoo do you use?: the kind that cleans
my hair :)
03. what are you most scared of: being emotionally alone
and well *cough* insects and creepy crawly things hehe.
04. what are you listening to right now?: my family banging
aroung upstairs
05. where do you want to get married?: I haven't a clue,
depends on the time of year, I would like an out door
wedding but who knows... I think I should probably find the
guy before I decide too much
06. how many buddies are online right now?: umm... 6 of
63 :) hehe what can I say I am a social person
07. who are your best friends?: Eric, Warren
08. what would you change about yourself?: stuff :P

01. color: Orange and Green
02. food: umm... I can't decide
03. boys' names: Gabriel
04. girls' names: Morgan
05. subjects in school: english
06. animals: dogs and cats
07. sport: deoends on the season hehe... I like football
08. perfume: on me... haiku, on guys...axe or whatever
smells yummy

Have You Ever:
01. given anyone a bath?: ya
02. bungee jumped?: nope but I want to
03. made yourself throw up?: i tried
04. skinny dipped?: yeah
05: been in love?: I thought
06. made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: hehe ...
umm ... perhaps
07. lost money at a Indian casino?: ahh no
08. farted in a large crowd just because you were bored?:
no...has anyone????
09. cried when someone died?: yes
10. lied?: yes
11. fallen for your best friend?: yes
12. been rejected?: ya
13. rejected someone?: ya
14. used someone?: i hope not...but probably
15. done something you regret?: ya

clothes: plain jeans, a red t-shirt, and black socks
music: none
make-up: none
annoyance: i am bored and the rest of my family is playing
smell: uh...i don't think i smell like anything
cd in player: upstairs I have the Footloose soundtrack in
color of toenails: none

Last person:
you touched: Thomas
hugged: Warren
you imed: currently Steve and Lance
you kissed: Alex

Who Do you Want To:
kill: lol no one i can think of at the moment
slap: ditto
look like:
talk to offline: Eric or Warren
talk to online: same as above

in the morning i am: scary looking, hehe
love is: awesome...when it's real and doesn't hurt you
i dream about: weird shit...
last person you danced with: Warren
worst question to ask: What are you thinking... its always
asked at the most inoppertune moment... and I know I ask it
my fair sahre of times
who makes you laugh the most: i dunno
who makes you smile: people...depends on my mood lol
who gives you a funny feeling when you see them: I will
just keep that little piece of information to myself ;)

of times i have had my heart broken: what counts as a
broken heart?
of guys i've kissed: lol...its late hehe....can't think
that hard right now
of girls i've kissed: 1, don't ask but if you must go for it
of continents i have lived in: 1
of tight friends: 2-ish...
of cds i own: umm a number ... I dunno
of scars on body: quite a few small ones, I also have
severe muscle damage to my left thigh about an inch above
my kneecap