The Diary of a Dead Girl..
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2005-01-24 21:47:53 (UTC)

What the shit?

Dear JuJu,
I will now say it. You are fucking stupid. I thought
that after that whole big ordeal with Austin and him
lieing to you, you would finally understand it. You said
yesterday you had taken him off of your buddylist. You
said yesterday you would never talk to him again. I
actually believed you this time. Turns out this time was
just like the rest. You just had to talk to him again
for "self assurance". Self assurance my ass. What have you
got left to say to him that the other 3 people haven't
said? You say you want to get over it, and you are all
depressed and shit well, if you didn't keep going back to
him then you wouldn't be depressed everytime he said
something you didn't like. If you want to keep digging
yourself into a hole you can't get out of, don't complain
when no one throws you a ladder. You keep getting yourself
into shit, and I will stop helping. I mean, the only
reason i started talking to him again was because he was
dating you and I know how it feels to have a war going on
between your best friend and your boyfriend. You just had
to give it another shot after all the past lies. If you
want to keep talking to him then be depressed, but don't
cry to me, because you put yourself in that situation when
it could have been avoided. Stop going back to nothing,
which is all he is and all he ever was.