So sick, So sick of being tired
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2005-01-24 20:37:42 (UTC)

ok.. only my diary now i guess

hmm well the last couple of weeks have been very up and
down, i havent had a good time lets say, but i'm slowly
getting better as the days go on,i needed to know at least
one person was there for me, and i guess now i do,i mean
sure the best friend is there for me, but he never knows
what to say, there are some people though that are helping
me through this, i don't wanna put him through the whole
thing coz i dont know what he's got on his plate at the
moment anyway, so i'm gonna try and work my way through
this as best as i can, coz i dont wanna go back there
again, it's not a fun state of mind to be in,ben, if u read
this, know that i know you're always here, and i know it's
hard for u to be able to give me advice, but knowing ur
here for me is all i need,and i know if i truly need you
you'll be there, that's all i need from you,grace, if you
read this, thank you for helping me through my tough time i
owe so much to you for being there for me when i needed
sum1 the most,u2 are definately 2 of the best people i
know, and don't ever change that fact about you,or when you
are old and grey and married (obv not 2 each other eww bad
thoughts) i'll come back to haunt you

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